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Traditional mechanical cars have begun to develop in the direction of electronic, new energy vehicles, self-driving cars, and car networking, and more and more PCBs for auto parts. According to the report, the global electric vehicle sales will exceed 3.7 million, and it is expected to continue to grow in the future.


With the development of automobile and artificial intelligence technology, the surrounding market of automobiles will continue to grow and develop, and the demand will continue to increase. Ford has cooperated with Wal-Mart to launch an unmanned automatic distribution vehicle. If this project can be developed, the demand for auto parts will increase exponentially. As far as the current development situation is concerned, this project has a large market development space, which indicates that more automotive industries will develop in this direction. Then, in the car's driving recorder, car DVD, navigator, speaker and other equipment need PCB. This further proves the huge market for PCBs in the automotive industry. In addition, more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles demand more PCBs.


PCB Application in the Automotive


Body Controllers
Meter Clusters & Steering Column Electronics
Climate Controls & Blower Assemblies
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Park Assist & Intelligent Sensors
LED Lighting Systems
Head Units, GPS & Infotainment Systems
Electric Vehicle Control Units & Inverters
Remote Controls & Toll Tags
Communication Controls, Amplifiers & Tuners
End-To-End Services



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