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Xinda provides customers with 10 years of leadership and experience in advanced PCB Assembly technology. Surface Mount (SMT), Through-Hole, BGA, Cable & Wire Harness, Box Build assembly , with proven processes and a full range of services. From prototyping, low volume high mix to high volume global manufacturing, we provide Printed Circuit Board Assembly services for worldwide customers. 


PCB Assembly Capabilities:

SMT production capacity: 8 SMT Lines (One hour 5W point)

DIP production capacity: 2 production line (one hour 5000pcs)

3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)

Single or double-sided placement

Cable & Harness Assembly

Box Build Assembly


PCB Assembly test system:

1. Visual inspection after SMD Process

Each SMT lines have one QC person to check the SMD solder quality after assembly.This step is visual inspection, here to verify if any parts loss or incorrect parts are used via checking the BOM list.

2. AOI Testing(X-ray Testing for BGA package)

Automatic Optical Measuring Instrument VCTAB486 Positioning accuracy<0.15mm

Moving Speed:700mm/s

Measurable minimum element:0201

Measurable Pcb range:25*25mm-340*480mm

As a primary testing technique in PCB assembly, AOI applies to fast and accurate inspection of errors or defects occurring in PCB assembly process so that high quality of PCB assemblies can be ensured with no defects after their leaving assembly line. AOI can be applied both to bare PCBs and PCB assembly. At XD, however, it is mainly applied to inspect SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly line and for testing of bare circuit boards, bed of nail and flying probe are used instead.

3. Free Function Testing.

For 100% make sure the quality, we do functional test for customers free of charge, provide free testing jig and free program burning.The testing method is usually offered by customers; but if customers couldn’t provide it, our engineer will design a test method for the board as well.

4. Final visual inspection

PCBA Production equipment&lines:






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